When thinking of an email data migration you have to consider many things. You need to make decisions on the financial plan, technology, detailed and well worked through planning including foreseeing viable challenges to diminish the risks of failure. One of the main obstacles in the email data migration process is the cleanliness of your email data. What is even more important is to retain your permissions, unsubscribes and bounces so you do not break any privacy laws!

Prior to migrating it is a good idea to record your performance to ensure that your original email database was in a great shape. What are the indications of impure email data? The answer can be found in the email marketing analysis, i.e. key performance indicators KPIs. Check the most common measures of your email marketing campaigns:

  • Open rate. If your open rate is declining steadily it could mean bad data quality or you have over emailed your list!
  • Number of bounced emails is increasing meaning there might be problems with the email lists validation either you have an outdated email list or you need to evaluate the source of your data.
  • Number of unsubscribing customers is growing and your email lists are shrinking. It shows that your email lists are outdated, your email marketing strategy should be revisited.

Prior to starting your email migration, it is highly recommended to do email clean-up. What are the main email data cleansing steps?

De-duping. Define the duplicate email addresses and purge or merge the customer records based on the set up rules.

Correct the obvious typos in the email address. Very often manual email input results in simple spelling mistakes. For example, the email provider’s name is incomplete: gmal.com instead of gmail.com.

Validate the email addresses using a reputable third party provider. This can help decrease bounces in the new system.

Why email data cleanup is crucial?

-Cleansed email data helps reduce non-existent contacts

-Validated and dedupe email addresses increase customer response rate.

-Analytics which is based on cleaned data ensures more accurate highlights followed up by correct business decisions.

-Clean email data allows marketers to improve marketing campaigns and increase ROIs.

-Emails sent to right people boost customer loyalty and subsequently increase revenue.

Following the email data cleansing procedure it is important to keep the unsubscribe/ bounce flags and add migrational additional information. Migration based on clean email lists increases email marketing efficiency and success. For help with your email data migration, contact StrategicDB at hello@strategicdb.com, we can help with email data clean up as well as migrating your data without data loss from one email provider to another.