Data migration represents a very complex and risky process. Those performing data migration are dealing with the most fragile and precious aspect of any organization, they are dealing with data. The projects of data migration are extremely important and the price of its failure is huge. Many departments performance across organization depend on the success of data migration. It is a challenging task and smooth transition is vital for any business. That’s why it is key to know common issues that may accompany data migration prior to the project start. Those familiar with difficulties upfront have the upper hand over the problems and is better prepared to stay away from mistakes and failures. 

You can improve your rate of success when migrating the data if you are aware of common challenges. Let’s consider some of them:

Poor cooperation. The process of data migration involves staff of different levels of knowledge and  from different teams. The more departments that are involved can lead to process inefficiency, time loss, poor communication and, as a result, misunderstandings. There are situations when the process starts going wrong. That’s why it is crucial to have tools for monitoring the process at every stage and have the project well planned and discussed prior to its commencement.  It is also advisable to understand all the stakeholders and establish priorities and teach hierarchy.

Faulty skills implementation. You may not have the time or skills to perform data migration internally, therefore, outsourcing to data migration professionals can be the key to a successful data migration.

Inadequate command of in-house data. To success in data migration the data should be clean and of good quality. It means that the data needs to be validated, updated, complete, well formatted, free of duplicates and discrepancies related to misspellings, etc. In other words the data should be cleansed prior to data migration project. Dirty data can ruin migration process easily. In case of bad data, the migration process is not only a complete failure but it will take plenty of time to fix. To clean your data prior to data migration, hire a data cleansing company to save time and money on doing it yourself.

Process consolidation deficiency. Data migration process integrates different technologies. Project managers who are not always familiar with the technical aspects compile an excel spreadsheet to document procedure steps. These spreadsheets are prone to human errors and misinterpretations. It is key to discuss and confirm every stage of the project with all people involved in the data migration process prior to its start. Also it is necessary to  look into different technologies to be applied and verify compatibility and utility aspects at every stage of the process, regardless of how big or small. There are no small issues when data migration is taking place.

Lack of proper data analysis. Today the data collected is huge in volume and companies struggle to store it. Some tables are hidden and some are being optimized to free up server space. Lack of proper data analysis can lead to incomplete data migration and missing fields and pieces of data. Scrupulous data analysis should be performed prior to data migration in order not to lose any data.

Shortage of testing. Don’t be in a hurry to start data migration procedure. Always test migration process multiple times. Play different scenarios and you will be able to fix and realize all glitches at the early stage. It will save you time, money and piece of mind.

           Knowledge is a powerful thing. The more you know about the challenges you can face the better is your preparation and the prospect of success. Data migration process is no exception.