Nowadays, a lot of marketing focus goes into modern channels like chatbots, social media, blogs, or video. However, contemporary techniques like email, phone, and direct mail are still useful when companies deploy them at the right time, for the right audience. Emails alone can generate $38 for every $1 spent at a staggering 3,800% return on investment.

One of the biggest problems with traditional channels is reaching customers. Due to the threat of poor practices such as spam, cold-calling, or junk mail, consumers are reluctant to share real contact details, often leaving companies without a way of getting int touch. In the long-term, this might have disastrous consequences, such as if there is an urgent message, service announcement, or security threat. According to Marketing Week, 60% of consumers intentionally provide incorrect information when submitting personal details online.

To mitigate the problem, email, phone, and address verification tools can enforce brand credibility, build consumer trust, and guarantee a proper communication channel exists.

In this post, we look at five primary reasons why email verification, phone verification, and address verification are vital for any business.

Communication channel

Email verification prevents inevitable human data entry errors by validating the information given. E-commerce businesses rely on emails to update on orders, quote, and send marketing campaigns, meaning keeping them up-to-date is an integral practice. A misspelled email is a lost customer, while a fake address results in unnecessary marketing costs. Email verification services check an address at the point of sale, negating future problems.

Similarly, if firms are looking to do direct mail activity, postal address verification will ensure outbound costs are optimized, and messages get delivered to the door. There are plenty of address verification tools on the market, such as Experian, that prevent customers from adding the wrong information.

Additional security layer

Phone verification is being used to add extra security to existing services. Typically, phone verification works by sending an SMS to the user with a code. The code is entered into the e-commerce website to validity the customer identity. Given that anyone can create an email address, phone verification is more effective than email verification for security purposes.

Address verification also helps to reduce fraud. If your business only interacts with legitimate addresses that match bank account details, you can avoid malicious transactions before they occur.

Password resets

If a user provides an incorrect email address or phone number, then forgets their password, it can limit or remove their access to your website. Upon clicking a forgotten password link, there will be no way to retrieve the password details as, based on your data, the user details do not exist. Email verification and phone verification can check for incorrect information and avoid password problems later.

Customer experience

The quality of your data correlates to customer experience. Email verification will help customers get the messages they need, such as shipping notifications, order confirmations, and service announcements. If a customer requests a phone call, but you have the incorrect details, they have a negative experience, which is one instance that phone verification can assist. With address verification, you can check delivery addresses before sending out items to make sure the customer will not be disappointed. Verification helps to make your brand more credible and keeps customers happy and loyal.

Cost of returns

CNBC reports that the average product return represents 30% of the purchase price. To put that into context, if you were to sell a pair of shoes for $50 at a 10% margin, the return cost is $15, meaning you make a $10 loss. With 79% of consumers demanding free return shipping and an accelerating number of digital purchases as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, postal address verification is crucial to avoid unnecessary costs. 

Need email, phone and/or address verification services?

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