For a marketing agency, reporting can be a time-consuming exercise. Measuring performance is an integral part of ensuring your clients’ success, and with several channels and platforms, the task can be almost endless.

Automating dashboards for marketing agencies reduces the time teams spend on reporting while giving clients a comprehensive performance overview. With the right tools in place, agencies can spend more time working on campaigns and strategies rather than focusing on numbers. Adding automation to dashboards collates data from various services like social media, paid ads, website analytics, search engines, and blogs, and puts it into a single, easy to use client view.

Automated reporting platforms

There are many things that an automated reporting platform can offer marketing agencies. Below are some of the critical aspects to look out for.


Automating dashboards for marketing agencies requires the integration of many data sources. The platform you pick should be customizable and fit the tools your client is using. For example, if campaigns are running on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google, the reporting platform must pull all of the data into a single view for analysis.


It is important to remember that we don’t know what new technology is around the corner. For example, TikTok and Instagram campaigns are relatively new to the market. The automation platform that you pick needs to scale with your business and not become obsolete with innovation.


Marketing professionals are not typically trained as data analysts. Any automation dashboard should be intuitive and straightforward to use. The majority of those on the market tend to have drag-and-drop style interfaces that won’t require any significant technical expertise or development knowledge. Try to avoid any platform on which you have to code anything yourself. Realistically, it shouldn’t take you any more than a few minutes to create a report with an automation dashboard.


Every agency client will have different platforms and needs. The automation dashboards that you pick must be easily customizable to report on whatever the clients require. Customization includes fonts and colors, as many will likely require their own branding.

Client value

The objective of automating dashboards for marketing agencies is to improve the visibility of data for clients. In providing clear and logical reports, you can add immediate value and secure them as loyal customers.

Many agencies will provide clients with PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, or PDFs. Although these tools serve a purpose, it doesn’t allow much flexibility if the client wants more granular detail than you present them with. Automated solutions give clients more data, in the same format every time, available whenever they need it.

The benefits of a good dashboard

In summary, there are several benefits to automating dashboards for marketing agencies.

  • Insightful information is made available on demand
  • Agencies spend less time on data collection and manipulation, and more time on campaigns and marketing strategy
  • Visualize data in ways that are not possible with standard tools like Excel or PowerPoint
  • Customizable and filtered reports let you drill down to more granular detail
  • Creates credibility amongst C-suite executives who have access to performance metrics whenever they need it

Dashboard automation fully augments the hard work that you put into marketing activity. It is essential to research vendors and get the right tools in place for your agency and clients.

Have need for a dashboard?

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