Data deduplication is an essential business process that eliminates copies of data, reducing storage overheads, while improving customer experience. As the amount of data and sources that businesses use continue to grow, they need to look towards automated solutions for deduplication.

Data deduplication software will help to identify and remove duplicates across disparate data sources. Using sophisticated algorithms, data deduplication software will be able to find fuzzy, phonetic, miskeyed, numeric, abbreviated, and domain-specific matches.

Why do you need deduplication software?

A data deduplication process will clean your underlying datasets to enable productivity improvements. For example, you won’t send mailings to a customer twice or send them multiple emails during a campaign. Deleting duplicates manually is incredibly time-consuming and prone to human error. Data deduplication automates the manual processes and is an essential part of your quality functions. 

Data deduplication software and business growth

Studies say that duplicate data costs an average of $96 per record. The costs can quickly add up with large databases. For example, if you have 1 million records and a duplicate rate of 5%, that would amount to a cost of $4,800,000, which no business can afford.

Data deduplication software helps a business to minimize their costs by cleansing the data, saving on time, and improving accuracy. Reporting dashboards become of higher quality to augment business decisions, marketing activity produces a better return on investment, and customers are satisfied with their service.

One of the foremost use cases for data deduplication software is to create a single source of truth, otherwise known as a single customer view.

Real-time prevention

Data deduplication software protects your systems at source, restricting duplicate records from entering the database. You can maintain data hygiene from the outset.

Data parsing

Abbreviations, names, and addresses can automatically parse into separate fields to avoid duplicates.

No need for technical knowledge

With data deduplication software, you don’t need the technical knowledge that one might associate with a manual solution. The tools have built-in scripts meaning you won’t have to code anything yourself.

Standardization rules

A data deduplication platform will allow you to set up standard libraries for variations in names, addresses, phone numbers, and other common fields.


Deduplication software serves to automate the manual processes associated with cleansing your data. While some businesses are put off by the price, the cost savings that you can gain from deduplication ensure a swift return on investment. As the volumes of data continue to grow in a digital-led ecosystem, organizations can ill-afford not to look after their data quality.