Duplicate documents, videos, photos, audio, and data take up unnecessary storage space and lead to additional costs. As well as that, identical information is harmful to your business, as this post from QGate emphasizes.

To help mitigate the risks associated with duplication, organizations can deploy duplicate finder tools and platforms. These tools help remove copies of data, relieve storage, and maintain integrity and reputation.

In this post, we will have a brief look at the best duplicate finder tools.

Duplicate Finder Tools

Below are file finders and cleaners that help to remove duplicates. The majority operates with any operating system (Windows, macOS, Android), but it is always worth checking before investing in tools for your business.


CCleaner is one of the most popular data cleaning and duplicate finder tools on the market.  The interface is incredibly easy to use, free to download and comes with customizable settings. CCleaner will scan your folders and files to remove duplicates and check your Windows registry (depending on your operating system).

Wise Duplicate Finder

The Wise Duplicate Finder does exactly as the name suggests. Advanced algorithms can discover duplicate files, sorting through those that are unnecessary, and recovering free space on your device.  Before completing any actions, the Wise Duplicate Finder will backup all of your files to ensure nothing is lost by accident.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

The Auslogics duplicate finder will remove files and help to resolve low disk space issues on your devices. The free to use platform has algorithms that compare both file names and contents to provide more accurate results than others in this guide. Moreover, you have much control over the tool, as users can select the types of files they want it to scan.

Duplicate File Detective

Duplicate File Detective helps to find duplicate files and quickly remove them. The platform comes with scheduling options whereby users are notified about the status of duplicate files via email when they are detected. When reporting on duplicates, Duplicate File Detective will display all of the selected files’ properties to ensure the user has full visibility of the process.  Some of the features are designed for more advanced users.


AllDup is a freeware tool to scan and detect duplicate files using a search algorithm. The dashboard will find duplicate videos, music, images, and text files, providing a detailed log of all the actions. The AllDup tool is best for beginners or those with a small number of files needing something fast and reliable, without all the bells and whistles.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro

The Duplicate Cleaner Pro software will safely remove all types’ duplicate files and clean up your hard drive. The interface is well laid out and provides a detailed report of any actions that the software undertakes. Users can refine the process by file type, size, date, and more to provide better accuracy.

Additional features include a comparison tool to identify duplicates, “fingerprints” of scanned files in an archive if you ever need to re-scan, and the capacity to search inside zip files, which are often difficult to investigate.

Is a duplicate finder safe to use?

Some users are reluctant to download freeware as it doesn’t feel safe to use. It is essential always to check the reviews and do your research, but those in this article all have security and privacy features that make them completely safe. We will always recommend staying away from unknown tools that lack any user reviews.

Duplicates in the cloud

Some duplicate finder tools can even run within cloud applications like Google Drive and OneDrive. Clone Files Checker is one platform that offers such a service. Going into 2020 and beyond, as more businesses move to cloud solutions, it is likely that this will become the standard offering.

Duplicates in Your CRM

What about duplicates in your CRM? Or Your Excel File? Duplicates impact analysis, your ability to market and sell. To De-dupe your CRM, use StrategicDB’s De-duping tool.