financial app marketing agency

StrategicDB is a financial app marketing agency specializing in finance app marketing. We work with start-ups and large enterprise clients in the financial space to achieve your goals. Regardless if your goal is growth in users, improve retention and hit revenue goals. Our success is based on being data-driven and not just looking at the cost of acquisition. By looking at the long- term value of each acquired user.

An average user has over 2.5 financial apps installed on their phone. How you become one of those 2-3 apps installed on mobile device, is all based on product but also how well you market. What is even more interesting is that 40% of users are willing to pay for a financial app. This means that it is even harder to win in the mobile app monetization strategy. However, with the proper data you can help break through the noise but also increase your in app purchases.

Our Mobile App Services Include:

  • Marketing Strategy for your financial app should be tailored to the company’s needs.
  • App Store Optimization starts with keyword research, we use a statistical approach to keyword optimization.
  • Competitor research understanding your competition can help kick-start your marketing.
  • Media Planning and Management while organic growth is great, unless you have a big brand name behind your app you may need to establish brand presence by running digital campaigns. We run different creatives based on where the users can be found.
  • Reporting is everything. We build a customized app dashboard with KPIs that matter to your business.  

Our approach to financial app marketing:

  1. Marketing Strategy: We customize your finance’s app marketing strategy to your brand. We believe that no brand is the same, therefore, our philosophy is to test different tactics and measure results to identify the perfect strategy going forward. We will work together to identify goals and testing plans to come up with the perfect strategy.
  2. Financial App Analytics: StrategicDB believes that everything starts with data. We monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as cost per download, retention, key in-app events, comparing against competition and monitoring overall user growth and revenue. These KPIs differ for each brand and depend on each tactic. Some companies will care about in-app purchases, while others care about deposits being made into the app, and a third app may care about aggressive growth in users. We will work together to establish what matters to your business and what metrics should be monitored daily, weekly or monthly.  
  3. Competitor Analysis: with a maximum 100 finance apps displaying under the finance category of iOS store or any search term, how you rank against your competitors matters! We identify your top 3-5 competitors and do a deep-dive analysis into what keywords they rank for, how popular they are and what they marketing campaigns look like (if any). From there we will establish a benchmark of how to beat the competition.
  4. App Store Optimization: There are a couple of ways to get ranked for keywords in iOS and Google Play Stores. The tactics for Google different from Apple. However, what is the same is the keyword research. StrategicDB utilizes their own statistical model to uncover keywords which have low competition, high search volume and has high conversion rate for your fintech app. We have expertise in both on-page optimization such as keywords, titles, subtitle and description but also help boost those keywords with paid media and third party link building as is an important aspect for Google Play Store.
  5. Digital Marketing for your finance app: There are a number of ways to market your app online from social media platforms such as TikTok, Meta (Instagram), LinkedIn and niche players such as Reddit, Snapchat, Pinterest, X (formerly Twitter) to Search/display ads with Google Ads and Apple Ads. There are also programmatic sources, influencers, bloggers and traditional sources that can be used. Our philosophy is to understand the target market and what channels they can be found on and test different creatives, channels, and messaging to come up with the perfect marketing mix. We define success not just by looking at cost per acquisition but looking at the long-term value of the user acquired, as well as the impact of paid media on organic downloads. In our experience, some sources could have a negative impact on organic sources and should be monitored.
  6. Reporting: We go beyond looking at metrics such as cost per download, sign-ups and in-app purchases. Our approach is to measure what matters to your business and your investors. By providing detailed dashboard which are “almost” live, allows everyone in the company to feel good about the trends from user acquisition to in-app actions and finally to retention.

In a nutshell, top marketing agencies in financial app industry will be able to produce different creatives, tell a great story, and run ads on your behalf, we can do all that but our focus is on the numbers. Data paints a clear picture of what is working and what needs to be done. If you are looking for an agency to support your creative agency we would love to team up!

Scenarios how StrategicDB was able to help mobile apps overcome their obstacle:

Issue #1: Downloads were high, retention was low.

Our client had a healthy number of downloads each month but they failed to stay around and spend money inside the app, in fact it turns out most departed the app after 30 seconds of downloading. As a financial app marketing company we ran analysis to identify at what point the drop-off happened. It turns out that one screen was too confusing for user’s to submit their personal information therefore they got scared and exited.

Solution: After understanding which page drove the most exits, the product development team along with UI/UX designers were able to tweak the page so it no longer was a road block for users to overcome.

Outcome: First Time Users stayed on the app for 4 minutes, up from 30 seconds!

Issue #2: Poor In-App Spending

The client had good user acquisition with low cost of acquisition however, none of the users loaded their accounts, which was the reason the investment app was created. We ran analysis to identify a small group of users that did load their account and ran a regression model to identify what key variables separated them from all other users. It turned out that social media campaigns which drove the majority of downloads did not attract the right target market which the company was looking for.

Solution: Identifying the channels that did not work, we got to testing on new channels to see if they could improve the user’s spending habits within the app.

Outcome: while cost per acquisition did go higher, so did the in-app spending, we managed to have a healthy Return on Investment, despite an increase in cost per acquisition.

Issue #3: Need user growth for a brand new app, competing against giants

Our client was a small financial app start-up which did not have big marketing budgets to compete against giants in the financial space. Looking to disrupt the financial rental app business, without spending too much money on marketing we had to be creative. Our first step was to identify what keywords they could rank high for, our next strategy was to identify a niche demographic that we could easily compete with.

Solution: we uncovered 10 keywords that we could rank in the top 5 for, while the traffic was not huge, it would mean that our client’s app would be found. The second thing we did was identify the group of people for whom this app would be invaluable and identified that they can be found on LinkedIn. Therefore, we tested a few creatives and a few tactics on linkedin to see if we can generate some brand awareness.

Outcome: We tripled downloads within the first quarter of implementing the new niche keywords and were able to double branded keyword searches within the first 6 months which is attributed to the branding campaign by LinkedIn.

Why StrategicDB For Financial App Marketing?

StrategicDB is a financial app marketing consultant focuses on data first, by providing financial institutions with dashboard, providing keywords, and optimizing on-page as well as running digital marketing ads, you can not only acquire new users but also improve user’s experience. StrategicDB has grown Visited to 2 million users with under $50K in total lifetime costs in digital media spend, created ASO to multiple apps in financial and other categories. We also work with marketing agencies to provide analytics and digital marketing support.