HubSpot Data Cleaning

HubSpot data cleaning starts with conducting a data audit. HubSpot’s data audit of leads and accounts consists of identifying outdated, duplicated, contacts missing critical information and standardizing fields. The second part of is to actually mark leads that bring no value to the business as ‘non marketing contacts’ that way decreasing the amount of rows being used towards your account. Data cleaning and updating is the final stage of your data cleaning process. However, establishing a long term strategy after you clean your data is the key to long term CRM success.

Cleaning HubSpot goes beyond cleaning records but cleaning forms, lists, chat flows, reports, campaigns, workflows and other widgets. To clean the different parts of HubSpot it starts by conducting an audit and identifying lists, forms, etc… that will need to be deleted or need updating. A HubSpot data cleaning consultant can help speed up your HubSpot cleanup.

Why should you clean your HubSpot on a yearly basis?

  1. Cost: HubSpot’s pricing model for its marketing module is based on the number of marketable contacts. Sometimes it is cheaper to hire a HubSpot data cleaning company then to pay an extra monthly fee.
  2. Outdated Leads: On average 1 in 4 employees will change a job each year. This means, that as much as a quarter of your contacts may bounce within a year. Understanding your total database size can help predict future revenue.
  3. Improved efficiency: By cleaning up lists, workflows, forms and other assets it can help you find what you are looking for making your marketing team more efficient.
  4. Improved Performance:  Having a contact lists which are marketable, up to date and with data completeness ensures that leads are workable!
  5. Stronger Predictive Lead Scoring: With data completeness, your lead scoring can be based on data that is predictive of sales outcome making it a more robust tool for marketing and sales.

Steps to take to clean your HubSpot

  1. Conduct a Data Audit: HubSpot’s Data Audit involved checking your CRM data for: duplicates, missing field data, checking for recency and looking for fields with inconsistencies. A Data Audit of your HubSpot forms involves checking form data for fields that are duplicated, forms that are outdated and should be replaced, and data that should be standardized with a dropdown. It’s also a good idea to check performance of those forms which can help improve results. Old lists that are no longer in use can be deleted, workflows that are outdated or were tests can be deleted and performance should be analyze for improvements. Data audit for all other parts of HubSpot should be analyzed at this point such as accounts, tasks, reports, chat flows, campaigns and so on.
  1. Deleting un-necessary fields and outdated parts of HubSpot. Once you finished your HubSpot analysis, it is a good idea to start deleting items that are no longer of use and are not connected to anything. For example, you may find a field that is not used in any forms, has no data and has no purpose, those fields can be easily deleted. Test lists that are not part of workflow or report can also be deleted safely, especially if they were created years ago.
  2. Complex deletion: for fields, lists, workflows, forms that have some data but are no longer useful you can try to delete by deleting the impacted lists, reports, etc.. Alternatively, you can archive or re-name as no longer in use and put it in special folder (depending on what it is you are trying to decommission).

Cleaning your HubSpot Leads/Accounts:

  1. De-duping: there are a few ways to de-dupe your leads, accounts, tasks… Step one is to identify your duplicates you can do this using excel and then updating records for missing data and deleting the duplicate or using built it de-duping for HubSpot .
  2. Standardizing fields: once you have established which fields should be standardized you can have your HubSpot data cleansing agency standardize those fields for you. Alternatively, you can create a look up table and re-upload your leads with the over-written information, make sure you update your forms and do the look up prior to any new lists being uploaded or you will end up in the same situation. Alternatively, you can build a workflow to have it cleaned for you going forward. Examples of fields that can be standardized are title, industry, company size and others.
  3. Removing non-marketable contacts: from your data audit you should have identified which fields should no longer be marketed to. For example, they could be contacts that are over 5 years old that have never opened an email or it could be contacts that have bounced. Your data cleaning consultant can use analytics to establish your business rules for keeping your HubSpot clean.
  4. Appending missing data: Finally you may realize that some data is missing for some contacts that should be appended, your data cleaning agency can recommend way to get this data either by updating forms or by adding a third party provider such as Zoominfo.

Finding a HubSpot Data Cleaning Company

Cleaning your HubSpot marketing and sales platform can take time, and more importantly it can take time away from your team. However, while there are many HubSpot partners, only a few specialize in the cleaning of it. What questions should you ask your HubSpot data cleaning agencies:

  • Budget: Depending on the number of records and complexity of your HubSpot implementation that would have the biggest impact on the cost of cleaning your HubSpot. It can range from a few hundred dollars to a lot more.
  • Time-frame: timeframe for data cleaning will depend on the complexity of the project it could take 1-2 days or can take a few weeks. Typically all data cleaning projects should be completed within 3 weeks timeframe.
  • Expertise: Many HubSpot partners offer data cleaning however, the important part is not HubSpot but understanding the data that is being cleaned, and the reason for it. StrategicDB specializes in data, we know what fields matter and for what, especially with marketing and sales data.
  • Long Term Solution: There is no point in cleaning data if it will need additional cleaning in a few months. Many HubSpot agencies will simply clean data without offering ways to keeping it clean in the future.

About StrategicDB

StrategicDB is a full service HubSpot data cleaning company that can get your marketing and sales data in order. Our process starts with understanding why you want to clean your HubSpot, doing an audit to identify the problem areas, doing the data cleaning and finally implementing strategies to ensure that your data will stay clean in the long run. Contact Us today for a free quote.