Shopify Migration Services

Shopify eCommerce Migration is the most important part of changing eCommerce providers. The migration includes product data including images, videos, PDFs and all variants (or children), as well as customer data, order data, reviews, categories and so much more. Most companies do not have data migration specialist in-house as why would they after all they do not need to migrate data every day or year for that matter. However, StrategicDB which is a Shopify migration consulting agency does exactly that every day, migrate data from any platform to Shopify. Make your seamless Shopify migration, with a few simple steps.

Regardless of the current tool you use, we would just need an export in either csv, excel or another data tool. We have worked on BigCommerce to Shopify migration, Magento to Shopify migration, CV3 to Shopify migration, Volusion to Shopify migration, WooCommerce to Shopify migration and many other smaller eCommerce providers (including custom build solutions).

Once the export has been made, or access to your current platform has been provided, we would then work with your eCommerce designer or eCommerce development agency to gather the requirements for the new layout of your Shopify account. This includes getting a list of custom data fields, special HTML description instructions and other technical documents. Often, we also let the designers or developers know when a critical data that is currently available is missing from their design layouts.

As a Shopify migration experts we also understand there is no point in migrating outdated products, customers and orders. Therefore, we include data cleaning as part of our data migration services. eCommerce data cleaning includes: identifying duplicate products, merging products into variants/children of parent products, filling in missing data, normalization/standardizing fields such as country or state, formatting different fields to match the new layout for example phone numbers. As well as working with the client on re-classifying or cleaning up customized information to fit the new vision for the website.

What data should you migrate to Shopify?

Product eCommerce Migration

For product migration you migrate the description, product name, price, inventory, shipping, taxes, and custom fields. Along with assets such as images, brand logos, videos, PDFs, audible files and other assets.

Product Variant eCommerce Migration

Most products have product variants, which have to be migrated. The variants can be sizes, colors, materials, and other differentiation. They can be swatches or drop downs or displayed in other ways. Regardless of the variants, and how they are currently stored in your current eCommerce as separate products or variants, we can make sure they get migrated into Shopify in a properly way.

Product Custom Fields or Attribute Migration

Custom files or product attributes are important as they can be used for filters and for a clear display of important information such as size, dimensions or classifications, brands and other unique dimensions from your current store.

Product Category and Subcategory Migration

Product categories are important for user’s usability of your store. Therefore, we will help migrate all categories and sub categories. We will do new categorization and clean-up where needed.

SEO Product Migration

You cannot migrate products without proper SEO. StrategicDB can help SEO your product pages with most recent best practices. Our SEO product migration includes migrating SEO including title, URL, description, keywords and meta tags.

Pricing and Inventory Migration

If you use third party tools or native functionality in Shopify, we can help automate your pricing rules and migrate your current inventory levels at the time of go live date.

Migrating Reviews:

Migrating reviews is important way to build trust with your clients, therefore we ensure that all reviews get migrated including images or other assets attached to them. We also handle third party reviews if you are using a third party site to manage your reviews and are going to use Shopify’s native functionality going forward.

Coupon Code Migration:

Migrating coupons is important part of customer satisfaction, we can help migrate both active and historical coupons.

Customer Migration:

Migrating customers is one of the most important part of eCommerce migration. Orders and customer history is important not only from marketing perspective but also from legal and reporting. The only problem with migrating customers is that passwords will have to be retained, this is done across all migration companies to ensure customer privacy.

We will also migrate customer groups or segments, to ensure that you can continue to offer discounts to certain groups, be able to segment your marketing initiatives and display different bundles.

Historical Orders Migration:

Orders can be migrated to include all or partial subset of orders.  

Other Migration:

We understand that each business is different and requires different migration assets. Some will have videos that will need to be added to native functionality while others may have audio files. Some companies will have to migrate tax rules, or special inventory. Others may have manufacturer or warranty information, or brand images they will want to include. Regardless of the data, we can migrate almost any data point into your new Shopify store.

What steps should I take when migrating to Shopify?

Utilizing a service like StrategicDB’s eCommerce Migration, we handle all the heavy lifting for your, so all you will be required to do is take a few quick steps:

  1. Download all product data from your current eCommerce provider. While, you keep your current store running. If you will be adding any new products during the migration, please let us know.
  2. Finalize the design and development of your product page. Let us know a sample product with all features so we would be able to ensure that data will be migrated according to your specifications.
  3. Work with us on data cleaning if any is required. For example, you may wish to exclude any product that is discontinued, all you would need to do is let us know. Providing us with any special instructions or cleaning rules is all you would need to do here. From time to time, we ask some clients to review the clean-up we have done in order to ensure no data loss during migration.
  4. We migrate the store for your, we ask for you to do your own quality control check to ensure that everything has migrated and all data is displayed according to your desires.
  5. Prior to launching the store (or upon launching) we will migrate any customers and orders that have been placed during our data migration time. This typically is done 1-2 days post launch. This will ensure no data loss during the migration process.

What does it cost to migrate to Shopify?

Cost to migrate to Shopify depends on how complex your platform is, how many products, customers, reviews, and other assets you have to migrate. Therefore, we cannot provide a breakdown as it varies from store to store, we will be happy to provide a quote for your data migration project.

How long does it take to migrate to Shopify?

The process to migrate depends on when the development and design of your new site is ready. Typically, the migration of products takes about 1-3 weeks, while orders and customers are migrated within a few business days. However, these are just ranges and depends on the size and complexity of the project.

What is the impact on SEO with the eCommerce migration?

SEO can be impacted by different things such as website speed, loading time on images, title, description, URL, keywords used and more. While we cannot ensure that the website will perform fast, we can ensure that all data will be transferred, therefore, from a data migration it should have no impact. In fact, SEO sometimes improves as data migration may catch products that have not been SEO’d or if we use StrategicDB’s SEO services we can help ensure proper keywords are being used.

How would filters work for eCommerce Migration?

You can create filters based on collection/categories, we can help set up those collections/categories for your filters. We will also make sure that product data is standardized.

What problems happen during eCommerce Migration

If your current store is active during migration, and also if you back-up your data you should not have any issues during your migration. Some problems we have encountered is data corruption such as special characters, zeros disappear from product IDs or Zip codes, need to clean-up or add bogus data as it was missing from current platform but is mandatory in Shopify. Missing images or videos that were there in the original product description but no longer able to be accessed, would be ignored. All of those problems can be solved, but could delay the project.

The other delay in eCommerce Data migration can be from lacking transparency between the data migration company and client, such as forgetting about business rules, not having filled in information that is required, or exporting partial data. These delays can be avoided with proper documentation and a quick data audit at the beginning of the project to ensure all orders, customers and products and business rules are available.

Why Hire Shopify Data Migration Expert?

Hiring a Shopify Data Migration Expert, can help save your company time, ensure no data loss and often will help you identify problems with your current data with a data migration data audit. StrategicDB can help ensure all product assets, customers, and orders migrate with proper format, something that would take hours to do in house.

About StrategicDB:

StrategicDB is a Shopify Data Migration Company, specializing in all things data. Offering Shopify data migration services, data cleaning services, data audit, automation set-up and reporting/dashboard set-up. Contact Us today, for a seam-less, hassle-free data migration to Shopify.