About Us

StrategicDB is a boutique data cleansing and analytics company. It was established with a simple goal of helping marketers get the most value out of their data. By offering data cleansing and analytical services, we enable clients to become efficient marketers, making strategic data driven decisions and enable sales. We believe in combining technology, data science algorithms with human oversight to bring your data to life. 

Our unique data cleansing approach allows you to utilize available data providers, proprietary data cleansing solutions along with service offerings to execute on any data cleansing request.

We have partnered up with different marketing agencies as a white label approach to providing analytical services to their clients. Utilizing our services, marketing agencies can focus on what they do best, while we help automate reporting, provide data for presentations, improve results by predicting future sales and driving insights from historical results.

Top Management


Anna Kayfitz

Founder and Principal Consultant

Anna Kayfitz is the founder of StrategicDB. Anna has over 10 years of marketing and analytics experience working for Harlequin Enterprises (A Leader in Woman’s Publishing), Eloqua (Now Oracle Marketing Cloud), Sunwing Travel Group and a few start-ups. She also holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business, specializing in International Business and Marketing. And is certified in Datorama, Facebook Data Scientist and Coursera’s Data Scientist. 


Irina Glushkovsky

Director of Analytics

Irina has over 20 years of experience in Analytics and CRM Marketing. Her knowledge in Tech, Retail and Financial Services is a big asset! She heads up our data cleaning and analytical projects. Having handled data ranging from eCommerce to Digital Marketing, there is no data that she cannot clean or analyze.


Benjamin Milkic

Campaign Optimization Director

Campaign Optimization Director who specializes in SEO, Digital Marketing and Social Media, Benjamin has over 7 years of experience making companies rank on the top of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. His experience in digital marketing campaigns has led to increased conversion rates for companies of all sizes. Google Ads, Facebook and Brightedge Certified!


Yen Neary

Director of Data Quality

Specializing in Data Analytics and Database Management, Yen has over 15 years of experience applying cutting edge data analytical techniques that ensure key metrics are presented with a customer-focused orientation.