Ad Hoc Reporting Services

One-off requests? Full Loop Analysis? Need data for a presentation? We’ve got you covered! 

We help you find the story behind the numbers. This enables you to present data and numbers in a more impressive and effective manner. We analyze 3rd party data sources like Nielsen, and marketing sources like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, to identify key trends and insights. With those insights, you can then write the rest of your story and determine the next steps to reach a happy outcome. 

It’s impossible to see the big picture when there’s lack of visibility and fragmented data. We help create an endless feedback loop so that your marketing and sales teams can work proactively together and you can start seeing those leads turn into sales. Where possible, we can automate reporting so the data flows as leads move through your marketing funnel. 

Research data can be tricky to analyze. We can reduce your large data set into smaller data points that are more easily understood. You can take these the key insights to form a narrative for your audience or compile them into a report or presentation.  

We partner with brands and agencies, big and small.