Analytical Services

StrategicDB focuses on helping companies and marketing agencies add value to their marketing campaigns by providing a full range of marketing analytical services.

Some of our services include: reporting, dashboard creation, marketing analytics, segmentation/profiling, attribution modelling, lead scoring, data modelling, social media analytics, content analysis, survey design and analysis, website analytics, competitive research, data acquisition, database clean-up and much much more…

Need Help with Your Marketing & Sales Analytics?

Marketing Analytics

We can help you outsource your marketing analytics needs by providing full analytical services.

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Certified Marketing Science analyst, available to optimize and analyze your facebook performance.

Segmentation & Profiling

Using data modelling techniques including lead scoring, we can help establish the most profitable target markets.

Data Clean Up & Manipulation

We can help raise your data quality score. If you are not evaluating your data quality, you should start today!

Sales Operations Services

Running a sales team? Need sales operations services? We will get you covered so you can focus on selling!

Datorama Partner

Looking for a partner to build out your Datorama dashboards? We are Certified Datorama Professionals who can help!

Survey Design & Analysis

We can help administer and analyze responses via questionnaires, market research and social media listening.

Competitive Intelligence

Do you know what your competitors are up to? Have you used benchmarking techniques to compare against your competition? Find out how we can help!

Market Research

Do you need to conduct market research? We can help identify industry trends, industry size and potential target markets.

Mobile App Analytics

Need to understand how your ASO is performing? What is your acquisition cost? We got you covered!

Data Studio Experts

Looking to decrease your business intelligence costs? Try Data Studio a free data visualization tool from Google. We can help integrate it with all your data sources.

Content Analysis

A new area in analytics is to analyze content that is being produced by content marketers to establish ROI. Find out how we can help.

Social Media Analytics

Today, Social Media analysis is no longer an option. 65% of all adults are using Social Media and 90% of 18 to 29 year olds are on Social media. Start analyzing your data today.

Data Modeling Services

StrategicDB can conduct the most advanced data modeling techniques that you may require for your business.

Predictive Analytics

Using advanced statistical methods we can help predict future sales or optimize marketing spend.

Running a Marketing Agency?

Looking to outsource Marketing Analytics?

Running a Marketing Agency but do not have an analyst on payroll? Outsource your analytical needs at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time senior analyst.

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