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StrategicDB is a Certified Datorama Expert and was previously a partner prior to the Salesforce acquisition. We have helped numerous marketing agencies and marketing teams automate their reporting and dashboards, and we can do the same for you!

Our philosophy is to automate as much as we can so that there is little to no maintenance required. We start by understanding your business requirements for a custom built dashboard. Having mapped out the road-map to create your dashboards, we start the buildout of the dashboard by:

  • Integrating with your data streams, mapping out dimensions and measurements.
  • Creating custom calculations such as pacing for the month or year over year growth based on specific periods.
  • Customizing the dashboard colors to match your or your clients’ brand colors.
  • Reviewing the dashboard with the team as well as providing simple training for your team should you need to do any maintenance in the future.

If you need a helping hand in implementing your Datorama, look no further!

Datorama Dashboard Examples

Benefits of Datorama

        Marketing Focused – So, most of the marketing connections are standard.

        Salesforce Integration – With the acquisition of Datorama by Salesforce, it has become easy to bring in all your data.

        Einstein AI – AI powered specifically for marketers allows for automated insights.

        Data Harmonization – A way to bring in all data sources and display it in one place. Have budgets running in Google Sheets or Excel? Want to combine costs from 3 different marketing sources? No problem, Datorama automatically combines similar sources into KPIs.

How is StrategicDB’s approach to dashboards different from other dashboard service providers?

We are not tied to a specific BI tool. We have worked with anything from DataStudio to Tableau, so we are able to recommend the right tool for your needs.

        We start with the dashboards’ purpose and then come up with the ideal visualization for your data, as well as identifying any data gaps.

        We take data integrity seriously. If you have duplicates or have a need for clean data, we can cleanse the data so it is dashboard ready.

        We understand business. Coming from a marketing and sales ops background, we understand marketing and sales needs. We don’t just look at the data, but take it one step further to question if the data makes business sense. We also put ourselves in the executives’ and executors’ shoes when coming up with the right dashboard strategy.

        We understand that data needs change with time, and we are also aware that updates to the dashboard or different data providers can change with time which may break the dashboard. We are here to fix and/or update dashboards whenever you need.

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