Marketing Analytics

Are you looking for a data analyst that specializes in marketing analytics? Do you need someone that sees between the numbers to uncover insightful, measurable and actionable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We can help you outsource your marketing analytics needs by providing you with full analytical services.

Our services include:

  • Creating reports and dashboards with any tools that you currently use.
  • Help find the right tools to visualize your data.
  • Conduct segmentation and customer analytics in order to uncover profitable segments, establish ideal customers, identify risky clients and set up full value of your customer by calculating lifetime value of your customers.

  • Build out attribution models that will drive better decision-making and help justify marketing spending to executives.

  • Assess campaign success and help find ways to improve your digital marketing.
  • Help execute successful loyalty programs by establishing scoring algorithms and identifying segments.
  • Identify customer segments that will fit your up-selling and cross-selling initiatives.
  • Help with lead, account, and opportunity scoring making your sales team more productive.
  • Content analysis and social media attribution that will help establish proper content strategy and help measure your social media efforts including: Facebook analysis, Instagram analysis, Twitter analysis, LinkedIn analysis, Pinterest analysis and many others.

  • Text analysis that includes sentiment analysis, data mining for key information and highlights market opportunities by looking at your competitors

  • We can analyze and set up your digital marketing analytics including Google Analytics, AdWords and many other sources. ​Statistical analysis that can be applied to business and marketing decision making.

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