Social Media Analytics

With 65% of all adults using Social Media and 90% of 18 to 29 year olds on Social media, it is no longer an option for your business. You need to be where your customers are. Whether your target market is businesses or consumers, or if you use social media for customer service or marketing, you need to be able to quantify your efforts. We can help create social media reporting and establish an analytical social media framework for you to monitor and establish trends, get insights and conduct a sentiment analysis.

Some examples of social media analysis include:

  • Sentiment analysis.
  • Social media analysis including: growth in followers, content analysis, top trending posts, posts and types of social media channels that contribute to your bottom line.
  • Video analytics, which can help answer questions such as: What length should my videos be? What type of videos produce the best results? Does video drive revenue? and Where do people find my videos?
  • Dashboards and reports to monitor the success of your efforts.
  • And much more…

Outsource social media reporting to an experienced social media analytics company.

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