CRM Data Migration Services

We help migrate data between systems, by ensuring only the desirable, cleansed and usable data is transferred. Automated services will bring your historical data regardless of spam, outdated and customized information. StrategicDB’s data migration services include strategic approach to data, cleansing services and of course transferring of data from one system to another. 

We do not simply migrate your data, but help you find the right data strategy for your business. Our process for data migration starts by asking what is the purpose of your data? We help establish missing data and how to go about appending or collecting this data in the future as well as identifying fields that should not migrate.

There is no point in migration outdated, duplicated and unusable data to your new system. We ensure that your data is cleansed prior to starting the migration.

Learn more about our Data Cleansing Services Here. 

Once we establish what data is coming over, data is cleansed we begin data migration. We make sure formats are matching, data is categorized where needed and quality check to ensure no data loss.

Once all data is migrated, we will help build out data quality reports so you can monitor the health of your database. From growth in your customers or prospects to data completeness you will identify quality issues in no time.