Data Cleansing Services

Outsource your data cleansing and improve your data quality and governance without loss of productivity to your team!

We offer data cleansing services specialized for marketing and sales data. Regardless if you use Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua, Base CRM or a custom solution, we can help improve your data quality, increase efficiency and save you time. We have created a special package which will take care of all of your needs.

Need Help with Your data Hygiene?

Free Data Audit Report

Before starting any data cleaning project, it is important to take note of the current state of your data as is. This will give you an overview of the number of duplicates in your system and how many fields need to be normalized, and it will also give you a fresh set of eyes with which to analyze your current data management processes.


Whether you have leads, contacts, accounts or any combination of the three, we will help flag duplicates in your system. Unlike the many other de-duping tools out there, we will not only flag duplicates and provide a confidence level for each duplicate, we will also suggest master/merge functions and set up different scenarios for you. This will allow you to sit back and watch the merging process happen with full confidence and without the extra time and effort.

Data Governance

Cleaning data can be an ongoing, pricey task if you do not change the processes that have led to the current state of your data. We will provide you with a full set of recommendations on how to fix the issues and help establish processes to clean live data before it becomes a mess again.

Data Validation

Data validation and verification can have a big impact on your marketing campaigns and sales efficiency. Our services include: email verification, phone validation and address verification.

Data Cleansing

We will clean your data so that bogus, test records, and other typos will be either flagged or fixed. Depending on your data quality, we may recommend looking into appending data from a reputable data source.

Data Normalization

We will normalize your fields so that the data you collect is useful for segmentation, analytics and sales territory distribution, among other things. Samples of normalized data include: country, state, titles, industry, annual revenue range and employee range.

Data Quality Reporting

We will also help set up a data quality scorecard for your records so that you can keep track of your data quality on a daily basis.

Data Preparation for Machine Learning

Get your data scientist to focus on algorithms and not data prep. Some data services that StrategicDB offers includes: data standardization, data categorization and data de-duping.

Deduplication Tool

If you are looking for a tool that will identify your duplicates, you have come to the right place! StrategicDB’s de-duping tool will allow you to identify duplicates and establish the surviving record using your very own business rules.

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