Data Cleansing Services

Before you can even think about being a data-driven organization, your data needs to be in a place where you can use it and know that it is accurate. While getting your database into a clean state may seem like an impossible feat, our experts are here to help. 

Data Standardization

When leads come in from multiple sources, you can end up with an unmanaged amount of field values for the same thing. For example, you may find the US, USA, U.S., United States, etc. in your Country field. Filtering on this field for reporting becomes a nightmare. By standardizing your field values, you have a simple way to filter down on the data you need. 

Our standardization will clean your data by taking your existing field values and consolidating similar results. Once this is complete, we will help you build an automated system to keep this data standardized on an ongoing basis.


Duplicates can cause a lot of problems when it comes to reporting and lead management. You run the risk of sending the same email twice, assigning different reps to follow-up with the same person and double count in your reporting skewing the data. Many systems will make the promise that their system auto dedupes, yet duplicates continue to infest your database.

We work with you to set up a system to get your system to the cleanest state possible and then build a foundation to ensure it stays that way.

Data Appending

Filling in the gaps in your data supports multiple functions within your company. This may be to support lead scoring and ensure demographic profiles are completed or to support sales in having the most accurate information possible to deliver a personalized outreach. 

Working with third-party data providers, we provide data appending services to fill in the gaps. You can expect a 90%+ data completeness rate. As an add-on, we can help you build an automated process using your existing tools such as ZoomInfo or DiscoverOrg to ensure your data is complete on an ongoing basis.

Data Validation

Having inaccurate data in your database will often result in a waste of time for you and your sales team. Email bounce rates may alert your provider that your database is dirty, sales may waste time calling on prospects that are not there or worse, having to spend their time trying to find a correct phone number or email. 

By running your database through a validation process, we will validate your data to ensure the information you have in your system including emails, phone numbers, job titles, etc. are up-to-date.

No Longer There

We understand that it takes time to cultivate a relationship with a prospect or a client, only to have them leave their place of employment for a new position at another company. We can help identify the location of your key contact at their new place of employment so you can continue the relationship.

Parent/Child Relationships

Selling into enterprise companies can be a lucrative but yet time consuming task. What makes it more challenging is not knowing what company is owned by what conglomerate and if you have already sold to a different department. We can help identify records that are part of a larger enterprise and establish hierarchies for you.

Account Based Marketing

The challenge of account based marketing is identifying contacts at key accounts and matching leads to contacts, acquiring contacts at the right time during the sales cycle, and identifying key accounts. StrategicDB can help analyze historical performance along with strategic focus to help identify key accounts already in the system, missing accounts, and which contacts are needed at what stage of the sales cycle

Product Clean-Up W/ SEO

Selling on eCommerce and want to make sure your product category is both SEO friendly and helps customers find what they are looking for? We can categorize your products along with SEO keyword research to help ensure all products are tagged properly utilizing keywords that are being used by consumers to find your products.

Tech Stack Audit

Utilizing different technologies to run your business, and unsure if it is integrated correctly? Are the dynamic forms working? Is a text field on a form making it impossible to run email marketing? Are you adding data from third parties and are unsure of the data quality? We can audit, set up and run your Martech and sales/CRM to ensure the highest data quality.

Data Quality Reporting

There is no point in cleaning data only to find your database return to its original state a few months later. Creating data quality reporting including a data quality score, lead scoring, and understanding the source of dirty data, is key to good data hygiene. Establishing processes to ensure that duplicates are not created and that fields are standardized is just some of the ways we help maintain clean data after data cleansing for you.