Data Cleansing Services for Data Migration Projects

Your clients trust you to deliver a smooth migration experience for them and the last thing you have time for is data cleaning. Face it, it’s not your specialty. So while you focus on setting up their system for success, let us make sure they are starting out with the cleanest database possible.

What data cleansing services do we offer?

Data Audit

Analyze your client’s data prior to data cleaning or migrating to understand their data better. Data audit will reveal the percentage of data coming from global addresses, how outdated is the data, what fields have data and need standardization and how many incomplete and duplicated records are found.

Data Prepeartion

Data preparation is the process of making sure the migration files match the new tool’s formats. This includes making sure date, phone number and customized fields are all in the right format. 

Data Deduplication

It is common to have duplicates in your system which cannot be automatically de-duped. We can easily de-dupe your data utilizing custom business rules in order to uncover all possible duplicates, which maybe missed using typical practices.

Data Standardization

Standardization of data is critical to fields which will be used as a drop down in the new system. Example of fields that should be standardized includes: state/country fields, titles, industry and other custom fields.

Data Validation

With people moving houses and jobs every couple of years, your data maybe outdated. Validate historical data to ensure the migration of current and correct data. 

Data Enhancement

Missing data can make it difficult to justify migration efforts and make it impossible to use certain records. Append missing data and enhance existing data for a complete dataset prior to migrating to a new system to see the biggest ROI on your migration efforts.

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