Data Cleansing for Financial Services

Need Data Cleaning?

Clean your client, agents and advisor data. Whether our financial practice targets B2B Customers or B2C clients we can address your data quality issues. We have worked with banks, insurance companies and asset management companies to help resolve their data quality issues, we can do the same with your data.

Data Cleansing

StrategicDB offers customized data cleansing services. We customize our data cleansing services to fit your needs.


StrategicDB offers de-duping services for your financial data. You would be surprised at how many duplicates records are found in a typical financial institution’s CRM.

Data Appending

We work with multiple third party data providers to help you append missing data such as e-mails, addresses, industry, annual revenue information and so on. While most providers have a match rate of 60-80%, we target 90% data completeness. We are able to achieve that by working with multiple data providers and doing in-house custom data appending to improve match rates.

Data Standardization

It is impossible to run any analysis, marketing and improve sales if your data is not standardized. StrategicDB can standardize any field of the following fields: job titles, regional information, industry information and other custom fields.

Data Validation

If you are looking to verify historical data we can help. We can work with third party data providers to validate fields such as emails, phone #, if the business is still active and so on. We can also find a new contact for your historical data.

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