Data Cleansing for Manufacturing

Need Data Cleaning?

Regardless if you need to clean your sales/CRM or your product database, we can help!

Data Cleansing

We customize our data cleansing services to fit your manufacturing needs.


StrategicDB can help de-dupe your product, sales or marketing data so that you can save time and money without impacting your results.

Data Appending

We work with multiple third party data providers to help you append missing data such as e-mails, addresses, industry, annual revenue information and so on. While most providers have a match rate of 60-80%, we target 90% of data completeness. We are able to achieve that by working with multiple data providers and doing in-house custom data appending to improve match rates.

Data Categorization

It is impossible to run any analysis on your thousands of SKUs without having the proper product type and other product attributes. By categorizing fields you can look at your business in multiple new ways.

Data Validation

Do you need to verify historical data? We can help. We can work with third party data providers to validate fields such as emails, phone # and addresses prior to sending an expensive direct marketing campaign.

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