Data Cleansing

Most businesses have collected a lot of data, however, not all of the data is usable or useful. For example, you can have improperly formatted data, incomplete data, incorrect data and data that is just plain bogus. By performing data cleansing, you will be able to uncover new opportunities, increase efficiency and have usable data.

What is Data Cleansing?

Data cleansing is the process of identifying and fixing records which are bogus, incorrect or missing information.

Why you need to have clean data?

Become More Efficient

When you fill in missing data, flag bogus records or fix incorrect data, you are able to save your sales and marketing teams a lot of valuable time they would otherwise spending fixing the data manually. By outsourcing data cleansing, you are able to re-direct your company’s efforts on selling and marketing your services and products, activities which grow your company and benefit the bottom line.

Find New Opportunities

By having clean data, you are able to ignore the bogus data and focus on the metrics that benefit your business. You are also able to fill in incomplete information so that it can become usable and valuable once again.

Have Better Analytics

When your database is clean, your analytics will improve as you will be looking at accurate data, free from bogus and missing information that could be misleading your analytical efforts.

Data Cleansing Services by StrategicDB

We provide data cleansing services by analyzing areas of need within your data situation. We will flag any unusable email addresses and append any data that is missing if we can derive it from your records. For example, if the state is missing from an account but we have the zip code, we are able to correlate the data. We can also acquire third party data to append your database and make it complete if needed.

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