Data Deduplication Services

Regardless of what percentage of your data is duplicated, it is important to de-dupe and stop duplicates from occurring in the future.

What is Data de-duping?

Data de-duplication is the process of removing any duplicate records, regardless if it’s a lead, contact, customer or account.

Why you need to de-dupe data?

Improve Communication

Whether you have duplicates with two different email address, the same email address in two totally different locations, or you have the same company assigned to two different sales reps because of duplication, it makes you look unprofessional. Duplication could even harm your chances of closing the deal if you happen to send two different offers to the same company through different channels.

Become More Efficient

Without having a clean database and the right de-duplication process in place, you are forcing your sales and marketing team to do more work without even realizing it.

Have Better Analytics

If you have duplicates, you are probably counting the total number of records you have twice. This means your conversion rates are wrong for your funnel analysis, which can be affecting your entire sales process

De-duping services by StrategicDB

We provide de-duping services not just for leads, contacts and accounts, but also for different types of data, regardless of whether it is used in marketing automation systems or sales CRMs. Our approach to de-duping not only highlights the duplicates, but also suggests master and merged records based on different scenarios that are applicable to your business. With this process, you will have full confidence without spending the extra time and effort that it would take to complete in-house.

Want to use a De-duping Tool Instead?

Want to find duplicates in your CSV file automatically? Have business rules to establish which record should be surviving? Try our De-duping Tool for Free today!

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