Data Governance Consulting

Without data governance, your company will continue to have incomplete, inaccurate, unstandardized and unusable data, despite any data clean-up efforts. No matter what system you have used, we can help establish processes and recommend data governance best practices for you to utilize going forward.

What is Data Governance?

Data governance is the process of identifying where data quality issues occur. By putting either a systematic stop or establishing a process to eliminate bad data, you can establish a higher data quality.

Why you need Data Governance?

Eliminate Bad Data at the Start

When you have a data governance system in place, it reduces the need to clean the data as the data that is coming into the system is cleaned before it becomes an issue. This will save you many hours of cleaning data in the future.

Always Have Useable Data

By establishing data governance best practices and processes and increasing your data quality, you are able to use your data immediately as opposed to waiting for the next quarter when you have a chance to clean it up.

Save Time & Money

By having data that is automatically cleaned and ready to go, you are able to save your sales, marketing and operations teams hours of work that would otherwise be spent trying to sort through bad data.

Data Governance Consulting Services by StrategicDB

We provide data governance services by analyzing areas which require either a systematic restructuring or a change in process. By providing recommendations and helping implement data quality process which works best for your company, we can help ensure the data coming in is clean and ready for use immediately. Examples of recommendations include automatically normalizing fields with look-up tables and having sales or marketing reps check the company name against the system to see if the company already exists.

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