Data Normalization Services

If you are collecting data but not normalizing it, you are missing out on opportunities to gain the proper insights from your data as well as the ability to properly segment it.

What is Data Normalization?

Data normalization is the process of making your data less redundant by grouping similar values into one common value.

Why you need to Normalize data?

Be Able to Segment

When you normalize fields, you are able to make meaningful correlations and find that perfect segment. For example, in B2B, if your titles are not normalized, you cannot send emails to all Vice Presidents. Even if you do come up with a lot of rules to attempt proper segmentation yourself, you will still be missing out on certain data points and working in an inefficient system filled with holes.

Find New Opportunities

Having normalized data will help you establish your ideal target market so that you can look at your data in new ways that will uncover opportunities you never thought possible.

Have Better Analytics

Without normalization, you are not able to create any insight into your business. You are not able to do lead scoring or data modeling, and it is difficult if not impossible to identify your ideal target market.

Data Normalization services by StrategicDB

We provide data normalization services for both common fields and custom fields. Common fields typically include: Country, State/Province, Titles, Industry, Annual Revenue Range and Employee Range. We can also do a data audit to identify custom fields that can be normalized.

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