Data Quality Dashboard

Data quality monitoring is a must in today’s data driven world. Without it, you will not have a way to establish a benchmark for quality that will ensure a flow of high data quality for your team.

What is Data Quality Monitoring?

Data quality monitoring consists of special reporting that allows management to keep track of data quality. Typically, a data quality score is established as a quick check, and more extensive data quality dashboards are created to establish standards of quality.

Why you need to monitor your data quality?

Establish a Benchmark

Data quality monitoring will allow you to establish your own data quality benchmark to which you can compare performance over time. It will also allow you to monitor the sources of bad quality data, and depending on your business, can tell you which sales reps should be rewarded for consistently establishing data completeness

Create a Data-Driven Culture

By monitoring the quality of data and emphasizing the importance of having high data quality, you are able to have accountability in your business and establish a culture of excellence. Sales, marketing and management teams will all benefit from having higher quality data, and your company will be able to fix any data quality issues as soon as soon as they arise.

Justify Your Data Cleaning Efforts

While there are many stats out there which quantify the cost of bad data, unusable data and incomplete data, it is sometimes hard to justify the cost of cleaning the data. By taking a snapshot of before your clean up project and after it, you are able to quantify the information and provide a ROI to your cleanup project. You will also be able to establish the cost of having a bad record.

Data Quality Monitoring Services by StrategicDB

We provide data quality monitoring services by creating a data quality score, which serves as a high level overview of your data. We will also set up a data quality dashboard (depending on the system you use) to allow you to monitor the data quality on an on-going basis. The dashboard will be customizable to your business and your needs.∆

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