Data Verification

Most businesses have collected a lot of data, however, not all of the data is usable or useful. Emails can bounce, phone numbers can be no longer in service, and people move houses. Validating and verifying your data prior to deploying your marketing and sales campaigns, can save you time, money and efficiency.

What data can be verified?

Address Verification and Validation

We use third party address verification and validation services to make sure the address is deliverable by USPS, Canada Post and other mail providers around the world. We can also validate the person still lives at this address or if there was a change of address.

Email Verification

Email verification can be done on both B2B and B2C emails. Emails can be verified for deliverability prior to you deploying your campaigns.

Phone Verification

Phone verification allows you to make sure that the number is still in service. We can also validate the phone number to make sure you can reach the person you wish to reach.

What other data can be verified?

Other information that can be verified and validated for B2B businesses include: titles, company’s industry and revenue/number of employee information.

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