Free Data Audit Report

Before you begin any data cleaning project, you should do a data audit in order to get the full picture of the state of your CRM or Marketing automation tool. You may uncover that the majority of your issues are with leads, that there is a high duplicate rate between leads and contacts, or that you do not have a proper parent-child hierarchy in place.

What is a Data Audit?

Data auditing is a process in which all fields and data processes are reviewed to uncover issues or identify possible opportunities. The data auditing process is important to the future health and efficiency of your overall data structure and will help identify where you are succeeding and where you are not meeting expectations. As such, StrategicDB offers a no obligation, free data auditing report that will help you understand the current state of your data and how it is affecting your business.

Why you need to a Data Audit Report?

Uncover Issues with Your Data

When dealing with CRMs and marketing automation tools day in and day out, it is hard to find issues in your data. It’s also hard to identify ways to improve it. Having a third party look at your data is a great way to gain a better understanding of what is working and what is not so that you can improve your processes and get the most out of your data.

Saves You Time

Conducting an audit for your own data cleanup project can take weeks or even months, especially when you have other responsibilities to focus on. It is also sometimes difficult to know where to start or how to prioritize your clean-up efforts. StrategicDB has the expertise and knowledge to recommend the best way to go about cleaning, normalizing, de-duping and capturing your data for maximum efficiency.

Uncover Opportunities

By having a third party look at your data structure and a sample of your data, it’s possible to uncover opportunities for ways you can use your data, fields that you should be collecting and processes that should be automated or improved in order to achieve higher data quality.

Free Data Audit Report by StrategicDB

As everything starts with a data audit, we will provide you with your own custom data audit report which will outline the following: fields that should be normalized, duplication rates, processes that should be established, and areas where additional data is needed. We will also provide a benchmark ranking against other companies that we have cleaned so that you can see how you stack up.

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