Data Cleansing for Tech Companies

Need Data Cleaning?

Clean your data through the entire lead and sales lifecycle: accounts, contacts, leads and even opportunities. You cannot do proper funnel analysis, lead scoring or territory planning if you have missing, inaccurate and duplicate data.

Parent Child Relationship

If you are trying to sell into enterprise level accounts or are implementing Account Based Marketing, we can help establish parent child relationships.


StrategicDB offers de-duping services. Our stats suggest that technology companies have 10-25% of their account data duplicated. Get a free data audit today to see if you need to de-dupe your data.

Data Appending

We work with multiple third party data providers to help you append missing data such as e-mails, addresses, industry, annual revenue information and so on. While most providers have a match rate of 60-80%, we target 90% data completeness. We are able to achieve that by working with multiple data providers and doing in-house custom data appending to improve match rates.

Data Categorization

It is impossible to run any analysis, marketing and improve sales if your data is not categorized. StrategicDB can categorize any field such as job titles, regional information, industry information and other custom fields.

Data Validation

If you are looking to verify historical data we can help. We can work with third party data providers to validate fields such as emails, phone #, if the business is still active and so on. We can also find a new contact for your historical data.

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