Data Studio Experts

StrategicDB  has helped many businesses and marketing agencies build out their dashboards in Google’s Free Data Visualization tool: Data Studio.

Our philosophy is to automate as much as we can so that there is little or no maintenance required. We start by understanding your business requirements. Having mapped out the road-map to create your dashboards, we start the buildout of the dashboard by:

  • Integrating with your data streams, and mapping out dimensions and measurements. This includes using both freely available APIs for Google products and paid connections using Supermetrics, TapClicks, Power My Analytics, Megalytic and others.
  • Creating custom calculations such as pacing for the month or Year over Year growth based on specific periods.
  • Customizing the dashboard colors to match your or your clients’ brand colors.
  • Reviewing the dashboard with the team as well as providing simple training for your team should you need to do any maintenance in the future.

Why Data Studio compared to other BI Tools?

StrategicDB has implemented different BI tools over the years including Tableau, Domo, Datorama, PowerBI, DashThis and others. With the focus of marketing and sales, we typically recommend DataStudio for the following reasons:

  • Cost: It is a free tool which connects to many sources including:  Google Ads, Google Analytics, Campaign Manager, BIgQuery, PostgresSQL, Search Console, YouTube, MYSQL.
  • Connectors: There are many connectors such as PowerMyAnalytics or Supermetrics (to name a few) that connect to all of your other sources at an affordable rate usually under $100 per month, which is a fraction of the cost compared to other BI tools.
  • Visualization: Customization has never been better: you can customize colors, add images and text, make custom fonts, even embed widgets and Google sheets right into the view.
  • Custom Calculations: With standard Year over Year or Period over Period percentages or absolute numbers, Datastudio also offers Regex and other custom formulas.
  • Chart Variety: There are many charts to choose from including maps, area graphs, gauge, scatter and pivot tables to name a few.
  • Blended Data: If you are trying to match different data sources, Datastudio can combine up to 5 data sources together.

Google Data Studio Dashboard Strategy

We understand that every client and department has unique data, business needs and their own reasons for building a dashboard, so we do not believe in preset dashboards. Our dashboard philosophy starts with the question: What question(s) are you planning on solving with this dashboard? The answer to that will dictate what data is needed and what visualizations to utilize.

To view a sample real time dashboard click here.

Google Data Studio Example Widgets

Data Studio Dashboard Creation Process:

  1. Establish the purpose, goals, audience, and time frame the dashboard should serve.
  2. Identify any customization needs for branding such as images, colors, and/or fonts.
  3. Audit and Add Data Sources – This step requires access to different data sources, understanding the flow/process of data flows and bringing the sources into Datastudio.
  4. Build the visualization and customize formulas.
  5. QA – Once the dashboard is built, it is important to check that the numbers match to the original sources, the calculations are correct and that the visualization provides answers to the questions that the audience is looking for.

If you need a helping hand in implementing your dashboards, look no further!

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