eCommerce Data Migration Services

We take the headache of migrating your products, orders, customers and other data points between platforms. While we believe in automation we realize that each tool and products are unique and require unique handling of data. 

Product Migration Services includes migrating of images, videos, descriptions, SEO information, Pricing and Custom fields such as additional product information. We migrate from and to popular eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce as well as not so popular eCommerce platforms, as long as you can export your data we can ensure it makes it to its new home.

Migrating orders typically requires access to APIs, it usually done after customers are migrated and depending on the size of the organization can have millions of rows of data. We will migrate it for you, to ensure no orders are lost for customer experience as well as your reporting.

Customer migration can be tricky, we help you de-dupe and make sure formats match between platforms. Please note, that in most cases passwords cannot be migrated due to encryption.

Help your customers find your products by making sure product are categorized and tagged correctly. We can help ensure that all products are categorized and tagged correctly. Regardless of the number of products you have from 10 to thousands, we got you covered.

Being a data marketing agency, we can help  you SEO all your products and ensure that your store is optimized for search and digital marketing.

Merging data from multiple sources? We got you covered, we can de-dupe, establish data hierarchy and ensure no loss of data occurs during the consolidation .

Have duplicate products? Not sure which products are worth it to migrate? Wondering how to discount products? We can help you analyze your data and ensure that they are de-duped, optimized and help with pricing strategy.