Marketing Automation Services

Our philosophy for Marketing Automation is analyze past performance, create strategy, test, automate and repeat. We work with the following Marketing Automation Tools: 

Generating leads is the goal of most marketing initiatives from brand awareness, SEO to digital marketing . The goal of marketing automation tool is to capture leads. Our services, will help establish the right forms and fields needed for your business to succeed.

Our lead generation consulting includes analyzing your marketing sources and data collected. Our solution is to identify ways to decrease cost while increasing the number of qualified leads generated.

Data management of your marketing automation tool is the most important part of your tool. As an ex-Eloqua Database Manager, we understand how to make your data work for you. From lead collection to a customer, we will help ensure your data is clean, lead scoring is producing the right quality of marketing qualified leads (MQLs), and your nurture campaigns are tested and performance above the industry benchmarks.

Lead scoring is important as it lets marketers know the quality of the lead, while sales are confident that the lead is sales ready. StrategicDB’s lead scoring services, include analyzing historical data to ensure the scoring is based on actual results and available data.

Go beyond A/B Testing, with multi-variant testing to improve results. Identify ways to test multiple variables at once from subject lines, to content, images to use, calls to action and even what segment to receive what creative, at what frequency and at what time. We will help with testing strategy and execution.

Once testing is done, we can help automate your nurture/drip campaigns. To ensure the right segment is enrolled at the right frequency and in the right sequence.

Identify key segments based on who they are, what they have done and what product you wish to market. We use either regression models or decision tree models to segment your data.

Learn more about segmentation here.

Your marketing automation tool is only as good as its connection with other tools. We will help ensure data is flowing between your CRM (such as Salesforce), your Webinar Tools (such as ON24), your digital and social marketing (Such as Google, LinkedIn) and others.

We partner with brands and agencies, big and small.