Marketing Analytics Services

Marketing agencies are, more often than not, hired by clients for their expertise in delivering strategic direction and a plan of execution for their clients. This may encompass everything from brand strategy to messaging to lead ingestion techniques to sales process optimization. We help in the background by building out the structure you need to get to the insights required to deliver on these promises. 

Analytics Outsourcing - How We Can Help

Automated Reporting

Automation helps you get to your data, in real-time – fast. In addition, the right reporting tool ensures your data is accurate and the results are actuals. We will work with you to choose the right automation reporting platform for your organization or in your existing platform including, Datorama, Google Data Studio, DashThis, TapClicks, Tableau, Domo, Reporting Ninja, Sigma Computing and more.

Closed Loop Reporting

Having the ability to see the full customer journey from lead acquisition to closed won customer is essential when it comes to optimizing your strategies and tactics. This approach helps you answer critical questions such as: What marketing programs should I invest in next quarter? What source yields the fastest sales cycle? What are we doing that is not incorporated in the customer journey? 

Segmentation Analysis

Using data modelling techniques, such as regression modelling or a decision tree, we will help you identify the segments most likely to lead to revenue growth. This approach arms you with a defined audience to strategically target.

Additional Analytics Services include:

  • Budget Pacing Dashboards
  • Mobile App Analytics
  • Customized Benchmark Reporting
  • Market Research and Survey Analysis
  • Lead Scoring Analysis

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