Outsourcing Analytics for Marketing Agencies

For agencies and consultants who provide marketing services and strategic direction to clients, data becomes a critical component to how you make decisions and how your client reports on performance to their stakeholders.

We work with agencies all over the world to provide advanced analytical services. From building custom dashboards based on your client’s needs to providing you with the clear recommendations of how to optimize your next campaign or define a target market.

Some of Our Services:

Campaign Optimization

Digital marketing campaigns should be optimized on an on-going basis to make sure that you maximize your spend and generate the needed leads and conversions. We are Facebook Certified Marketing Science Professionals and are Google Analytics Certified.

Segmentation & Profiling

Using data modelling techniques including lead scoring, we can help establish the most profitable target markets.

Dashboard and Reporting

Automate your reporting, we can help build dashboards and automatic reports so you can focus on running marketing campaigns instead! We are official partners with Datorama. And have built dashboards for clients in Data Studio, DashThis, TapClicks, Tableau, Domo, Reportingninja, and so on.

Competitive Intelligence

Do you know what your competitors are up to? Have you used benchmarking techniques to compare against your competition? Find out how we can help!

Content Analysis

A new area in analytics is to analyze content that is being produced by content marketers to establish ROI. We can quantify the use of certain images, words as well as provide insights into the best time/day to post, how often to post and what to post to drive conversions or increase followers.

Data Modeling Services

StrategicDB can conduct the most advanced data modeling techniques that you may require for your business.

Other Analytical Services

We can also help marketing agencies with:

  • Client’s pacing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Survey Design and Analysis
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Market Research
  • Mobile App Analysis
  • Performance projections on Sales or Marketing Spend
  • Product Analysis
  • Data preparations including matching data between CRM and Marketing Reporting

Just a Few of Our Clients

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