Report Automation Services

We help automate all reporting, so you can spend more time analyzing and less time pulling reports. We have worked with multiple platforms include but not limiting to: DataStudio, Datorama, DashThis, TapClick, Tableau, Domo, PowerBI and SQL.

We can help identify the right tool for your data. From expensive tools such as Datorama, Tableau, PowerBI to free tools such as DataStudio. We can help find the right Business Intelligence provider for your needs.

Things to consider includes: Cost, Data Connections, Functionality including customized fields and calculations, ease of execution and maintenance.

To create a perfect dashboard or report, it has to be answer the questions that are most frequently asked. Often dashboards are ignored because they do not answer the most frequently asked questions. For example, knowing that your cost was X, does not really tell you a story? However, if you were to say cost was 10% higher, or is 30% under budget, that makes it for a useful data point.

We will help craft the dashboard that will answer the questions that you are most frequently ask, as well as automate drill down reports to answer any questions that my arise based on available data.

Inherited a report or dashboard but have no idea how to update it? Or maybe you need it modified but the analyst is no longer with the organization? We can help!

We partner with brands and agencies, big and small.