SEO & Marketing Services

Our philosophy for SEO & Marketing is to start with data you have, add data that is missing, analyze, create a strategy, test and repeat.

SEO and ASO starts with finding the right keywords, followed by on-page SEO strategies and finalized by doing outreach campaigns. We have building models to identify the right keywords to target in order to stand out from the crowd.

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From keyword research for Search Engine Marketing, to ad creatives and continuous optimization we got you covered. We use multi-variant testing to ensure that the best ad copy, keywords, target and channels are used in order to maximize your return on marketing spend. Regardless of the channel, be it Google, Bing, Social Media for B2B on LinkedIn or B2C on TikTok, or Display campaigns targeting specific publications. We will create a strategy that will be right for your business needs and budget.

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From lead capturing and marketing campaigns to lead scoring and integration to your sales team’s CRM. We got you covered, regardless of the tool.

Our process start with a data and marketing tech stack audit, to ensure that you utilize your marketing automation tool to the max. Some of the tools we work with include: Eloqua, Marketo, Hubspot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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With experience running Eloqua for Eloqua, we understand email marketing including nurturing B2B leads like no one else. We believe in testing subject lines, best time and day to deploy your emails, targeting and content testing for each and every email deployed.

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Identifying the key target market is going to help drive results in the most efficient MROI (Marketing Return on Investment). We analyze your past customers, to identify look-alikes audiences using advance models.

If segmentation is not possible due to lack of data, we’ll implement strategies to acquire that data either via third-party data tools, or by starting the collection of data needed for future segmentation.

We also help clients segment their CRMs regardless of the tools you use, from email providers such as ConstantContact or Mailchimp to advanced marketing automation tools such as Eloqua, Marketo and Hubspot (to name a few).

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Without data we believe you cannot move your business forward. From having an automated live (or almost live) dashboard to monitor all your marketing campaigns to doing ad-hoc deep dives, we got you covered.

Ever wonder if there is a correlation between your social media posts and sales? We can answer that and more.

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